July 5, 2017

CSS is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC. (FRA). This acquisition will allow CSS to continue to further its work on fundamental suppression analysis while simultaneously transitioning this analysis into state-of-the-art commercial applications. As part of the acquisition FRA has acquired the intellectual property rights to the 4S technology and is presently building a new commercial version of the 4S for use by industry.

The expanded capabilities of the commercial 4S will continue to support the existing and new applied and fundamental research efforts ongoing at the University of Maryland while allowing for industry to take advantage of the benefits of the 4S for spray characterization, product development, and development of CFD model input files.

The key staff of CSS are being retained and will remain involved in future work in coordination with FRA. FRA provides a large staff of engineers, programmers, applied researchers, and laboratory space, and will be a key partner in ensuring that the revolutionary information that can be obtained from the 4S has the opportunity to utilized by the fire protection community.