We take the guesswork out of spray characterization, spray performance, and design problems.

Custom Spray Solutions is a technology start-up offering software products, measurement services, and engineering design services for spraying system applications.  Our current applications include fire suppression sprays, hose streams, agricultural sprays, and specialty sprays.

Our core competency in sprays is based on over a decade of spray research and over $3M in government and private sector funded research.  CSS formed from the National Science Foundation Innovation-Corps program which aims to foster economic development by facilitating the often fragile and uncertain transition from academic research discovery to commercial technology innovation.


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SJ Jordan
Stephen J. Jordan graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Fire Protection Engineering and a minor in Engineering Leadership Development. He is currently enrolled as a Master’s of Science candidate in Fire Protection Engineering. Through his undergraduate studies Mr. Jordan completed coursework focused on communication, global awareness, and project management all with a focus on life-long leadership. In preparation for professional leadership and collaborative roles in the technology and engineering markets, Jordan studied International Business Cultures while abroad. As an undergraduate student, he was instrumental in the establishment of the Fire Testing and Evaluation Center (FireTEC). In his leadership role he improved laboratory protocol, enhanced experimental capabilities, and developed lasting client relations through exceptional technical work and customer service. In 2012, Mr. Jordan co-founded Custom Spray Solutions.
AW Marshall
Prof. Andre W. Marshall has been conducting research on fire and combustion sprays for the past fifteen years. He is responsible for a number of discoveries related to fire suppression sprays including a number of inventions patents. He has been recognized for his work in fire suppression in the scientific community through his NSF PECASE award, Combustion Institute best paper award (Fire Colloquium) and IAFSS best paper award. He has established strong relationships with leading stakeholders in the fire suppression community including the National Fire Sprinkler Association (a professional organization representing the fire sprinkler industry including product manufacturers), FM Global (An insurance company and leading research in sprinkler based protection), and United Technologies (A Fortune 100 company developing cutting-edge water based fire suppression technology). Dr. Marshall initiated the establishment of the FireTEC; and has keen interest in the intersection between discovery, innovation, pedagogy, and entrepreneurship. In 2012, as part of the NSF I-Corp program, he co-founded Custom Spray Solutions with Messrs. Jordan and Ryder to begin enterprise development in fire suppression.
NL Ryder
Mr. Noah L. Ryder has been a practicing engineering consultant for the past 13 years since graduating with a BS and MS in Fire Protection Engineering. During that time he also received his MBA from the R.H. Smith Business School. He has been intimately involved in applied research efforts for clients and in the development of new technologies. Mr. Ryder cofounded Delta Q Consultants, Inc. in 2010 and has overseen the growth of the company nationally and internationally. The company focuses on providing safety-engineering solutions to clients globally. Mr. Ryder also maintains an active role in the academic world and teaches courses at the University of Maryland in the Fire Protection Engineering Department and regularly publishes. He has received a number of awards in recognition of his work from his peers. Over the past four years he has worked closely with the Dr. Marshall and Mr. Jordan to develop FireTEC into a functioning applied research and testing facility. Mr. Ryder is interested primarily in applied research and development that can be completed in the short term and and is aimed at developing a product or methodology resulting in immediate impact. In 2012, Mr. Ryder co-founded Custom Spray Solutions.

All three founders were selected and participated in the NSF ICorps program and Custom Spray Solutions is the culmination of our extensive research and the ICorps program.

White Papers & Information
Dr. Marshall is the recipient of the NSF Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), the highest award granted to the scientific community by the US government. In addition he has received a number of best paper awards from the Combustion Institute and from IAFSS. His Plenary Lecture at the 2011 IAFSS can be viewedhere.

Mr. Ryder has been awarded the Bigglestone award for excellence in communication of fire protection concepts by the Fire Technology Journal. He is also a recipient of the FM Global Best paper award presented at the Fire & Explosion Hazards conference and the 2011 NFPA Research Foundation Fire Protection Medal for the work Antifreeze Solutions in Home Fire Sprinkler Systems.