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Custom Spray Solutions focuses on the ‘business-end’ (i.e the nozzle) of spray systems. We provide expertise and engineering tools to solve your most challenging spray system design problems.  We have developed world-class bleeding edge technology to characterize, visualize, and evaluate spray performance.  This technology is currently being utilized to develop next generation suppression products and to aid in the performance-based design of fire sprinkler systems.

At the core of our capability is a revolutionary device, the Spatially-resolved Spray Scanning System (4S), that measures, once and for all, the spray generated in complex nozzles such as a sprinkler head. This information can then feed into an analysis to evaluate the dispersion and wetting performance of a spray system using our SprayViz software.



predictionUsing our revolutionary measurement capabilities and our years of research we are able to accurately predict the characteristics of the spray. Thus we can predict the droplet size, trajectory, and velocity. Each of these is critical in order to be able to understand and predict the performance of a nozzle.



Our software allows, for the first time, the visualization of detailed spray patterns, spray dispersion, and wetting performance in complex building and industrial configurations.   The software can also provide real-time evaluation of changes to system design parameters (heads activated, injection pressure, and sprinkler spacing). Further we have extended the tool to simulate hose streams and the effects of wind and other conditions.



Using our revolutionary tools we can assist in new product development, evaluate the performance of existing products, and develop optimized performance-based solutions ensuring that your personnel and assets are protected and that your money is well spent.